Gold Events undertakes the organisation and implementation of expos and conferences with responsibility and professionalism. The experience of our staff & associates guarantees the success of the events we are called to deliver.Innovative ideas in combination with the application of tested marketing strategies are the best business solution to the ever increasing demands of the event management field. We are active in a wide range of conference organising, like scientific, professional, medical and training/education conferences & workshops. When we undertake an event we are very careful to cater for the different needs, demands and particularities of the specific project.

Gold Events, by applying the most widely accepted and reliable marketing methods, by employing the best and most accomplished personnel and by taking advantage of modern technologies is able to offer you a wide range of services which you can utilize either on their own or on an à la carte fashion.

Here is a brief list of our services:

Event Planning
Each event is a unique challenge which requires different choices in the way of its management and implementation. Our personnel seeks the optimal customisation of our services so that these will best correspond to each event’s demands.

Management of required actions
The first step for creating a successful event is the right and diligent coordination of all the actions required throughout the course of the event organisation. Having achieved strategic partnerships with established companies in various fields we are able to organise all services required for the successful delivery of an event. The coordination of such actions covers a wide range of activities which our staff can present in detail to you if so required. We indicatively mention here the most popular and widespread actions our company is called to coordinate and manage. In the financial and administrative areas Gold Events undertakes the event budgeting, the financial administration as well as the drafting of an action plan.

Secretarial Support.
We provide full secretarial support services like briefing and communication with potential participants via regular mail and/or web/e-mail (website updates and e-mails). We also undertake the design and implementation of a registration & participation database with information also relating to the conference speakers (bios and speeches/presentations archive).

Publicity & Promotion
We provide you with a full promotion, publicity and communication package (via printed, telecoms and electronic means of communication). We have the ability to provide you with promotion events targeted to a specific group and advertisement placement in all mass means of communication. We can also provide you with web marketing services utilising the most modern methods and infrastructure.

Venue Rental
We provide you with the option to choose between a rather large range of cooperating hotels, event halls & expo/conference venues depending on your specific event (expo/conference/workshop) needs.

Audiovisual Coverage
We provide you with the appropriate audiovisual equipment so that you can cover from the simplest to the most complex event regardless of your geographical location within Greece. Fully understanding the demands for a successful event we offer you the most reliable and creative solutions always with a high degree of customer services and the best available technology. Our offices are in Athens and we have access to a wide network of specialised associates throughout Greece. Gold Events is able to assist you in choosing and implementing the solution that best fits your own needs. Our trained technicians can take care of the delivery, installation and operation of the equipment you need. Our company’s technical services department can also undertake the full video/photography services your event may require. We have the ability to provide you with a DVD Video and photo CD containing the audiovisual material from your event.

Multilingual Support
The increased needs of modern conferences and the expansion to an international audience to which such events are usually targeted at call for an effective multilingual communication. Our company has the appropriate network of associates which guarantees the best translation and interpreting in all official languages and the appropriate handling of specialised terminology. We can provide you with real time or asynchronous interpretation according to your needs.

Sponsorship Program Planning – Search for Sponsors
Our company takes up the drafting of a sponsorship program as well as its promotion to corporations and entities that are possibly interested to subsidise the event either in the form of direct funding or sponsorship rewards.