Website Construction

The Gold Events team selects the most powerful tools for you and your business, so we can focus on your strong points!
For all of us, the web design is a creative representation of your business online activity, your work tool, your investment and we need to create, design and build for you what you deserve in your business: a modern, dynamic website, the mirror of your enterprise.
Your website is your own investment online. Our mission is to be the ideal work tool which will enhance the visibility of your business and will naturally increase its profitability. Choosing our team, you will find that both the quality of our work reflects the confidence you have shown us and also that we deserve this confidence. What design is about you, and what we create is for you!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimization of the page in order to appear on the first results of search engines, such as targeted visits daily on our website.

ExtendedSEO (Creation, analysis, optimization.)

Market analysis and target via the internet, to find competitive keywords and optimizing the page is based on a new word groups of keys and additional SEO!

Facebook Ads (management / optimization / community management)

Specifying target to increase the number of“Like” rates, of engagement and its website traffic from potential customers
Targeting based on market analysis and isolating the target users based on age, location, gender, language and interests. In addition, it is possible to target very specific users based on behavior observed in Facebook.

Google Adwords (Youtube ads, search, optimization remarketing)

Create / Manage / Optimization: Campaign will improve continually recognizing their individual business objectives, including the brand awareness, and aiming at the creation of leads (leads) and sales, with comprehensive searches research (keyword research) to analyze and to make the list with the target keywords, in full transparency and access to all the data!